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“For 8 years I've ben priviledged to not only serve in leadership but also be discipled by a true Apostolic Voice of our generation.”

-Bishop David M. Callands, Executive Vice Presiding Prelate of GCOD-

Welcome to Greater Church of Deliverance

Welcome to the Greater Church of Deliverance Website! It is with a profundity of joy that we greet you in the majestic and marvelous name of Jesus! Welcome to our interactive website. As you matriculate through our online portal we welcome your feedback. This site is designed to give all viewers insight into our growing denomination; its doctrine, purpose, and leadership. Please use our site as an introduction to our proud Pentecostal heritage and this branch in Zion as we await the blessed privilege of meeting, greeting, and knowing you personally! You will soon discovered what others have confirmed..."There is no church like the GREATER CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE, INC."
~ Bishop Freddie B. Marshall, PhD.