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Our Metropolitan, along with the entirety of our Presidium, House of Bishops, Board of Presbytery, Senior Pastors, Clergy, and General Laity, are praying for all globally who have been affected by the Covid-19 virus. Remain safe, informed, and in God’s care and under the covering of the blood of Jesus!

Greater Church of Deliverance, Inc. COVID-19 Public Statement

Please view & download the resources available as it pertains to COVID-19. Be Safe and stay informed.

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Welcome to the Greater Church of Deliverance, Inc.

Celebrating 30 Years of Incorporation

Welcome to the Online Community of Greater Church of Deliverance Inc. We are a Connectional Church committed to exalting Christ by strengthening the work of the Local Church that produces Kingdom Transformation. As you peruse through our site, you will gain a snapshot into our growing denomination coupled with our doctrine, purpose, and tiers of leadership.

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Bishop Craig Worsham
Bishop Terrance Reed
Overseer Justin Marshall
Bishop David Callands

About GCOD

The Greater Church of Deliverance, is committed to helping the Body of Christ move forward into the greater realization of our purpose here on earth. Understanding that we have been predestined for a higher dimension of service to the Kingdom of God, a calling birthed out of desire, GCOD prepares episcopates, clergy and laity with the tools necessary to exercise and make full proof of the assigned ministry within a connectional church.

We are a denomination that maintains Kingdom Relevance in our Biblical Apostolic Roots.

Our relevance is exemplified in our commitment and holistic work to support and strengthen the Local Church to go forth and perform great Kingdom Exploits that edify and build humanity.

We strive to protect, and provide for our Episcopates, Clergy & Laity, opportunities for:

Health & Retirement Plans
Continuing Education
Comprehensive Leadership Training
Church Planting
Apostolic Covering
Market Place Ministry

We endeavor to establish the mark for 21st century ministry structure and dynamics.

GCOD has made both a national and global impact developing leaders and pastors, partnering with businesses, educational systems, and various organizations to serve our community through our Civic Engagement Model.