Conocation 2020

Benefits of Joining GCOD


Our Presidium & House of Bishops commits to serving you and your ministry through prayer, impartation, and accountability to the governing and flourishing of your work.


Build relationships and lasting bonds with those affiliated within GCOD from across the country and abroad. You have the commitment of GCOD to serve you, your family, and ministry to engage growth, developement, and fulfillment of the assignment of God upon your life and ministry.

Ministry Training & Development

We provide conference calls, leadership conferences, quarterly diocesan gatherings, convocations, and more to ensure you are receiving cutting edge tools, teachings, and impartation to facilitate the advancement of your ministry/church and edifying of the Body of Christ.

Requirements of Joining GCOD

Online Form

We welcome you and your ministry to join GCOD. If you feel lead to join us, please fill out our online form and we will be in touch with you expeditiously with next steps.


Your commitment to uniting and serving is essential to the vision & mission GCOD. We work and serve together to fulfill the great committment of our Lord Jesus Christ. As you serve and submit to this branch in Zion we will partner together with our resources and tools to ensure you and your ministry's development and productivity.

Documents & Ordination

After officially being welcomed into covenant with the Greater Church of Deliverance, you will receive our GCOD Manual which contains our Bylaws, Articles of Faith, and other information regarding GCOD. It is required for you to attend our Convocations where we credential and ordain our leaders for the upcoming GCOD calendar year.